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Coach Marissa-Head Coach Mighty Minis

Cheerleading Experience

⁃Kingsway Dragons Football/Competitive Cheerleading (2004-2010)

⁃Kingsway Elite Rec Cheerleading (2010-2016)

⁃Junior coached Kingsway Elite Sophomore team (2010-2013)

⁃Kingsway Regional High School Varsity Cheerleading (2012-2016)

⁃Attended NCA High School Camp

⁃4-Year Varsity letter

⁃Captain of Fall and Winter teams (2015-2016)

⁃The College of New Jersey Cheerleading (2016-2020)

⁃Attended UCA College Camp (2016-2019)

⁃Competed at UCA College Cheerleading Nationals at the ESPN Center in Orlando, FL

⁃Ranked 4th in the Nation (2017, 2018)

⁃UCA Open All Girl National Champion (2019)

⁃Back-to-Back UCA Open All Girl National Champion (2020)

⁃Captain of the 2020 TCNJ Cheerleading team

⁃Worked high school clinics for choreography and skill building

⁃Worked TCNJ College Clinics for Elite skill and pyramid building and tryout material

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